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a) Inspections industries b) Pre Shipment Inspection (Governmental Contracts or Shipment Inspection) c) Commercial Inspections d) Container Loading Check e) Production Monitoring Verify daily in factory f) Packaging g) Initial Production Check h) During Production Inspection

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Oil & Gas Agroalimentaire

Domaines de compétences:
Responsable traitement des dossiers, Responsable qualité des interventions, Gestion des interventions

Directions concernées par les interventions:
Direction Technique Direction Qualité Autre

Types d'interventions:
Inspections (des milliers depuis 1993)

Formations suivies:
NDT: PT Level II (ISO 9712) – (Validity 04/2022)

Officer in merchant navy - ENMM Nantes – 1976


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SGS, Bureau Vertitas, intertek, Velosi....etc

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a) Inspections industries

- Running test

- Review of inspection
requirements and technical specifications of the contract

- Visual inspection
regarding quality, workmanship and finish of the material ordered

- Check of quantities (report
shortages and missing items) according to the list of equipment of materials


- Check types &
models against technical specifications

- Verify origin of material and
conformity of the order (dimensional check of the material according to the

approved drawings).

- Review manufacturers
test certificates, test reports and drawings as per the contract

- Supervise packing to ensure
all items are included in the shipment according to the packing list

- Check packing and marking against
contract requirements to ensure suitability of packing for transportation by

sea or air.

- Verify and report on dimensions and weight of the shipment
(crates/boxes/packages …)
b) Pre Shipment Inspection (Governmental Contracts or
Shipment Inspection)

- Control
quantity/quality of any goods intended for the export and according to a
schedule of conditions determined by the country of importation

c) Commercial Inspections

- Qualitative Inspection
according to standard A.Q.L (Acceptance Quality Level)

- Tests of factory, marking,
code bars, packing

- Qualitative Inspection according to Codex Stan 233
and Codex alimentarius Stan 297 (e.g: for canned


d) Container Loading Check

- Carried out in the
manufacturer's warehouse or at the forwarder's premises.

- Checks quality and
quantity of the goods to be shipped

- Ensure that the right
products will be delivered.

- To ensure that the
container is in good condition, and that the entire cargo is loaded according
to the quantity specified in the P/O

e) Production Monitoring Verify daily in factory (for
a given period of time)

- Production and quality
progress - Daily Report

f) Packaging

- Categories of wood
crates SEI, covers thermo weldable, safety and export markings, treatment of

g) Initial Production Check

- Inspection at the
beginning of the manufacturing to ensure that the customer's specifications and
reference sample are well-understood by the vendor.

- The Inspection focus
mainly on the presence and quality of the components and materials used in the
production process, but also includes a visual check on the quality of packing

h) During Production Inspection

- Evaluate the quality of
the products finished as soon as possible, directly on the line of production.

- To ensure that
contractual obligations regarding product specifications, packaging, packing,
marking are respected.

- To check whether these
advices, recommendations and rectifications advices have been successfully

- Verify that the quality
is maintained throughout the entire production phase, control that production capacity
is reached to complete the order on time.

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